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Submitted: 25 June 2016 Modified: 25 June 2016
HERDIN Record #: NCR-ADMU-ASMPH16062510272421

A Case Control Study on the Factors that Affect Compliance to Pneumonia Treatment in Pangasinan.

Juan Diego Cadiz,
Aaron Paul Cortez,
Ryan Joseph Jarencio,
Noriell Mamaclay,
Janine Sanciangco

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Pneumonia is one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality in Region 1. Noncompliance of patients to medication, which leads to treatment failure, aggravates this problem. Moreover, several factors have been associated with non-compliance. These were categorized into patient-centered factors, therapy-related factors, healthcare system factors, social and economic factors, and disease factors. With this, the study aims to determine which exposure factors significantly affect the compliance of low risk pneumonia patients in rural health units in Region 1. This will be done through interviews guided by a standardized questionnaire. After which, the data will be processed through statistical tools to elicit significant associations. The results of the study will aid in intervention formulation to increase patient compliance.

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