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Submitted: 21 October 2014 Modified: 29 January 2018
HERDIN Record #: NCR-ADMU-ASMPH14102105344890

The Association between multiparity and chronic kidney disease risk among women aged 40 and above.

Arra Francesca Castro,
Lawrence Steven Gatmaitan,
Pauline Beatriz Gonzaga,
Christina Andrea Sam Nadela,
Gino Louis Rivera,
Louise Gabrielle Valdez,
Helen  Sigua

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The study aimed to identify the possible association between multiparous women above 40 years old and the risk of chronic kidney disease. The following factors were also considered: hypertension, diabetes, and acute renal injury. Samples were drawn from the National Kidney and Transplant Institute and St. Theresa Dialysis Center. Data was collected via structured interviews using a preformed questionnaire. The results from this research may be used to control or prevent the occurrence of chronic kidney disease in multiparous women above 40 years old through the treatment of the aforementioned three possible causes.

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